In May, another edition of the Veterans Motorcycle Rally

In May, another edition of the Veterans Motorcycle Rally

The second edition of the Veterans Motorcycle Rally will take place in May 2021, the registration will start on January 4, informed Col. Szczepan Głuszczak, director of the Veteran's Center for Activities Outside the State, which organizes the rally.

Soldiers, policemen, officers of other services, friends and families will pay tribute to veterans who died in missions and operations outside the country. This year, 500 participants took part in the first edition of the rally. The organizers assume that next year's rally will start on May 2, on Flag Day, and end on May 29, during the central Veteran's Day celebrations.

The participants, divided into regional groups, will travel almost all over Poland and visit the cemeteries where the fallen veterans are buried. 
During these trips, they will also meet their friends' families and relatives. "The main goal of the rally is to integrate the veteran community, which is increasingly using two-wheelers. In the United States, for many years, soldiers have been associating and meeting during rallies. In the same way, they support their wounded colleagues and pay tribute to those who did not return from the war" - Głuszczak noted.

He added that it was the veterans who started the movement of motorcycle clubs in the US. "Riding a motorcycle is also a great way to calm down, collect your thoughts, strengthen the feeling of freedom, but also take pride in belonging to a unique group. For veterans it is a great way to adapt after returning from a mission" - argues Głuszczak.

The rally will also have an educational dimension. "The society still knows little about the participation of Poles in operations outside the country. The appearance of motorcyclists may become an opportunity for meetings, talks and exchange of experiences. For 67 years, over 115,000 compatriots have participated in over 90 different missions "- he emphasized.

Poland has participated in foreign military missions since 1955 when Polish soldiers took part in a supervisory mission in Korea. Out of over one hundred thousand soldiers, officers and employees of Polish contingents, 121 died and died, and over 800 were wounded.

The Veteran's Center of Activities Abroad, which organized the rally, has been operating in Warsaw for six years. 
The tasks of the Center include helping and supporting former participants of military missions, popularizing knowledge about contingents, cherishing the memory of those who died and died on missions.

The day of remembrance of those who died and died in military missions and operations abroad falls on December 21. The date was chosen on the anniversary of the most tragic event in the history of Polish foreign missions. On that day in 2011, five Polish soldiers were killed in Afghanistan in an explosion of a mine-trap (PAP).

author: Jakub Borowski

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