The new CO2 limits can kill combustion cars

The new CO2 limits can kill combustion cars

The idea of ​​the automotive industry in Poland switching over to electromobility in a short time may turn out to be unrealistic and have catastrophic economic consequences - Rzeczpospolita writes on Wednesday.

The daily reminds that on Wednesday the European Commission is to present the climate and energy legislative package - Fit for 55, which is an integral part of the European Green Deal policy. The package is to include, among others new, stricter targets for reducing CO2 emissions from transport.

Rzeczpospolita emphasizes that the automotive industry is afraid of a radical scenario that would provide for a reduction of emissions from new cars by 60 percent. by 2030 and 100 percent. by 2035. This would mean the prospect of a complete shift of the European automotive industry to the production of electric cars and the death of internal combustion engines.

According to the estimates of the Polish Automotive Industry Association (PZPM), half of the automotive business and the production of parts and components manufactured in Poland are dedicated to cars with an internal combustion engine. "Converting plants in such a short time to production-related to electromobility technology is simply impossible" - claims Tomasz Bęben, the quoted managing director of the Association of Automotive Parts Distributors and Producers (SDCM). production, but also in sub-supplier and service enterprises.

The newspaper notes that plans to tighten emission targets are already being torpedoed by Germany and France. "Infrastructure may also be a problem. According to the calculations of the European Commission, about 2.8 million public charging points will be needed in the Member States by 2030. This is 15 times more than today" - we read. (PAP)

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