This Year Complete Your Travel Resolution With MBT

This Year Complete Your Travel Resolution With MBT

With another year drawing to an end, there seems to be an impending sense of doom. But before such a realisation hits you, you hit the road! The long drive, with the wind on your face, your friends and family around you, and the road ahead is all you need for this journey.
A quest to explore new places (and yourself), an opportunity to spend time with your loved ones, taking a road trip is the complete package. Road trips are all one could ask for to neatly wrap up the year, the cherry on the cake!


1. Goa

If parties, beaches, water sports, shacks, and carnivals are what gets you going, Goa is the place to be for New Year’s. With an abundance of them all, Goa has a life of its own which is sure to surge into you the moment you step there. This extravagant celebration of life and good spirit is only a road trip away for those who seek it.
Bangalore and Mumbai are ideal places to start the trip from. A 10 to 11-hour journey of endless fun and excitement.


2. Pondicherry

The serene beaches and sea, the promenade, cute and cozy cafes, an ashram and the French colonial remnants promise a rather peaceful and blissful atmosphere. A laid back and refreshing New Year awaits anyone who desires it.
A mere 3 hours from Chennai the nearest metropolitan city, and a 7-hour pleasurable trip from Bangalore, a road trip to Pondicherry is sure to rejuvenate you for the upcoming year. 


3. Gokarna

A miniature version of Goa, Gokarna is the tranquil version of what one might experience in Goa and considered as one of the best road trips with much less crowd, secluded beaches and quiet spots to discover, this place is a blend between a hill station and a beachside. It is a 10-hour ride from Bangalore


4. Mcleod Ganj

One of the quickest road trips from Chandigarh and Delhi of 6 hours and 10 hours respectively. This quaint town is in Himachal Pradesh near Dharamshala and is an absolutely beautiful journey to Mcleod Ganj.
This place is also known as Little Lhasa, for the huge Tibetan influence in the region. (due to it being the headquarters of the Tibetan government in exile) A place to explore the cultures, peace and beauty of the people and locale.


5. Manali

One of the most popular tourist destinations, Manali is the perfect destination for those who are nature lovers and adventurous in spirit. With the snow-capped mountains and fun activities, this destination is high enough to get anyone high.
A true marvel from beginning to end, road trips to Manali from Chandigarh or Delhi is definitely recommended. 

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