2.3 Billion Misleading Ads in 2018 by Google

2.3 Billion Misleading Ads Banned by Google

As we all know Google is always trying to keep the internet safe and clean for us that's why 2.3 Billion Ads blocked by Google on 14 March 2019. Google also launched it's new 31 policies to make Online Ads services more meaningful and helpful. Google always working on technologies and algorithms to stop threats and unauthorized person over the internet. According to Google Team, 6 Million Ads banned by Google every day because of strict policies.


"At Google, we take our responsibility to help create a healthy and sustainable advertising ecosystem that works for everyone, seriously. Our ads are meant to connect users with relevant businesses, products, and services; but bad ads ruin the experience. "We, at Google, have been working towards protecting the users, advertisers, and publishers by investing significant technological resources,"

Scott Spencer, Director of Sustainable Ads, Google, said in a statement

Now Google and many other social media giants are taking strict actions on online crime and trying to make data more secure. Many great minds are working to make our data secure and private without affecting our great experience. Nearly 734,000 publishers and app developers were terminated from the Google ad network and ads were removed completely from nearly 1.5 million apps. Google also took more granular action by taking ads off nearly 28 million pages that violated the publisher policies.

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