5 Things You Must know about Google Maps | Share this!

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Remember Where You Parked Your Car

Google Maps Provide you with the functionality to set the location of your parking at the time of the car park and you can also set the level of parking like multi-level or single level and if you forgot where you have parked your car, time to use Google Maps and by click you will get to know about the path and location of car so many people don't know about this feature because of that they can't able to take advantage so share it more and more people to tell them about this cool feature.

Compare Prices of Cabs like OLA, UBER and others

Are you looking for the cheapest cab services to go for your office but don't want to install so many apps in your phone don't worry you have a single app in your phone by which you can find out the best price for your cab. Open Google Maps and Choose your pickup and drop location now it's magic Google Maps will show you all the cab services with prices for your ride according to the area. It's one the coolest feature of Google Maps.

Customize the vehicle icon the way you want

Are you bored with that blue dot over Google Maps and want to try something new let's do it by putting your car emoji there Yeah now you can put your car emoji according to the model of the car in the place of blue dot so if you have one and more kids and having different cars now you can easily track them. Cool feature to help you!

Message Businesses

WoW! It's time to get quick replies from Google Businesses at click one Yeah now you can easily send them messages by using Google Maps. If you want cake and baker is not picking you call you can easily send him reminder message for your order delivered before your birthday I know you like it most because communication is one the best power in the world.


See indoor maps of building

Oh my God! Are you new in the office or college and your campus is so broad can't able to find you cabin or classroom don't worry google maps will help you in this because there is feature in google maps from where you can get direction of internal building area also. You only need to search that place in your google maps and then scroll down you wil see 360 view and then street view. Let's try to share it more and more to help other!