A new hotel service has appeared in Moscow - rooms for remote work

Image Src -  Unsplash.com

In Moscow, hotels have included the rental of rooms for remote work - for a working day, with appropriate equipment and cheaper than the cost of accommodation in a hotel. The offer has appeared in more than 30 hotels in the Russian capital and has already aroused some interest.

Most of these rooms are rented on a working day - from 9 am to 6 pm Coffee, tea and water are included in the price, and hotels also add a 15% discount on dinners in their restaurants. Rooms for work are in the category of the average hotel standard, but they are also arranged in the most comfortable rooms, ie "lux".

According to the prices announced on Monday by the government's "Rossiya Gazeta", a workroom in a four-star hotel with free Wi-Fi, a desk and chairs costs 2,500 rubles (around PLN 126). There is also a bed in the room; the price with an overnight stay will increase to 3000 rubles (PLN 151). In another hotel, not far from a large train station, the rooms were converted into offices with basic equipment: two workstations, an armchair and a printer. A working day in such an office costs 2,700 rubles (PLN 136).

The same rate is offered for a room to work in one of the large hotels in the heart of Moscow, near the Arbat.

As noted by "RG", in the first months of the coronavirus epidemic, the hotels were almost empty. Before September this year. customers started coming back and hotel occupancy rose to 47%. However, this is almost twice less than in September 2019, when about 88% were leased. rooms in Moscow hotels. Prices also fell: in the fall of 2020, the average price of a hotel stay in Moscow was lower by nearly 34% than a year earlier.

Anna Wróbel (PAP) from Moscow