All You Need To know about Finger Monkeys - Smallest Monkey

What is Finger Monkey?

Finger Monkey is also called a pocket monkey or a pygmy marmoset, are little monkeys that grow around six inches tall. This is a very rare species which need extra care and diet. Finger Monkey has the record for being the smallest monkey primates in the world, weighing 100 grams or 3.5 ounces.

Price of Finger Monkey?

There are different factors on which finger monkey's cost depends like age, gender, condition, breeder, size and so on. Based on different sources, a finger monkey range from $1500 to $4000. There are some extra expenses you need to cover with finger monkey. 

Moments with Finger Monkeys



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Extra Costs with Finger Money?

Finger Monkey Cage

You require a cage for your finger monkey because you can't hold it on your finger for 24 hrs and it's too small so for security you need to have a cage for this. Normally the cage cost is between $150 to $400.


Finger monkey diet includes flowers, nectars, small lizard, and insects which cost up to $35 to $75.


You need to have care fund for finger monkey's health which is around $100 to $200 including medical care.

Facts about Finger Monkey

1. They are from 4.6 to 6 inches long.
2. Female finger monkeys bear children two times in a year span of 6 months. Mostly she gives birth twins but sometimes there are chances to give birth to three children also which comes in the probability of 8%.
3. Females are larger than males.
4. 83% of finger monkeys stay in a pair of six to nine members in a family.
5. A young pocket monkey needs feeding every two hours.
6. Females finger monkeys clean and feed the children till they can look after themselves.

How good Finger Monkeys as a Pet

1. In some states and countries to keep finger monkey as a pet is illegal so you need to check your local country or state rules before buying one.
2. You need a license to keep them as a pet as per regulations.
3. They get crazy and irritated when hungry so you need to make sure you feed them regularly otherwise they can attack also.
4. They are pretty expensive as a pet that's why you need good money.
5. You need to give them time and care because they need both.
6. They are really cute and soft with furry body.

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