Are you living in COVID-19 hotspot, here is how to identify one

Are you living in COVID-19 hotspot, here is how to identify one

With the government imposing all the instructions and restrictions, being citizens it is very important to stay aware of our surroundings and take charge of our security by themselves. Because there is a limit where the government can reach all over the world.

The way the virus spreads after reaching stage 2 is quite scary, as multiple people get infected and the person who infected them cannot be traced. To make it more clear, Stage 2 starts after the confirmed cases cross 1000 numbers that are where multiplying of virus starts.

It is very important to take things very seriously once it reaches stage 2. And also that is where the concept of COVID Hotspot comes.

What is a COVID hotspot?

A COVID hotspot is where 6 or more cases are founded in a colony, you can also think it as in ranges of 5 km, if 6 or more cases are founded in the area then it is said to be one. The specific area needs to be sanitized and all people present there are not allowed to move, neither anyone is allowed to come there.

People who are living in this kind of hotspot are not allowed to come outside their homes even for essential needs all their needs are fulfilled by the police such as grocery and daily items. Neither they can come out and most importantly they should not come out and the same with you keep checking if you are living in the hotspot or in a 5 km range of any hotspot take all the precautions necessary.

Though, door to door monitoring is done in these kinds of hotspots by officials as they need to be monitored closely because if this is not done the virus can spread at a much faster range as 6 cases in a 5 km range is a big thing and easy to spread.

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