The entrance ticket to Venice will be valid from 2022

The entrance ticket to Venice will be valid from 2022

The entrance ticket to Venice, which the city authorities have decided to introduce in order to limit the uncontrolled influx of tourists, will be valid from 2022. Again, the entry into force of this fee has been delayed recently, because there are no tourists due to the pandemic.

Before the crisis, Venice was visited by over 20 million tourists annually. For most of the year, the city struggled with the problem of enormous crowds. Visitors who travelled for a few hours or disembarked from giant cruise ships were always considered the greatest nuisance.

Against the crowds and the subordination of many areas of the city's life solely to the needs of tourists, Venetians have repeatedly protested, who during demonstration marches along the Grand Canal said that it was easier for them to buy a carnival mask there than a loaf of bread. There was also a growing phenomenon of leaving the city by its inhabitants, and the decline in population was recorded by a special meter installed in the historic centre.

As a solution to these problems, the city authorities have proposed an admission ticket, which is to be compulsory for those tourists who come there for a while and do not stay overnight at the hotel, and therefore do not leave an additional tourist tax on their bill.

This fee is to amount to a few euros, and its amount will depend on the season and season. As announced, these proceeds will be used to maintain the city, especially cleaning it.

The outbreak of an epidemic in Italy left Venice deserted for several months. Tourists returned there in summer, but in autumn, with the onset of the second wave of infections, they stopped coming again. There is a curfew and restrictions throughout Italy, and in the Veneto region, it is also forbidden to walk around the historic centres.

The entry into force of the admission ticket was postponed several times, initially for technical reasons. Later, it was announced that it would apply from this year, but these plans were shattered by a pandemic. A new date has been set: April 2021.

Ultimately, the city government decided that due to the current gigantic tourism crisis, admission fees would be charged from January 1, 2022, when the pandemic was hoped to end and Venice would fill up again.

"We felt that there would now be a need for initiatives to encourage the return of tourists," said Michele Zuin, head of finance at the city hall.

The authorities, which a year ago focused their actions on limiting the influx of tourists, will fight for them after the end of the corona crisis.

Sylwia Wysocka (PAP)

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