CEOs made a commitment to increase the number of women in management positions (MediaRoom)

CEOs made a commitment to increase the number of women in management positions (MediaRoom)

The report makes recommendations for collecting data on racial and ethnic origin.

NEW YORK, December 8, 2020 / PRNewswire / - In line with the recommendations of the recently published report entitled "The Catalyst CEO Champions For Change: Towards a Fairer Future", once again the CEOs associated with Catalyst CEO Champions For Change are taking steps to increase the number of women in managerial positions. The report also explores the methods that global companies can use to collect data on the racial and ethnic origin of their employees.

The tangible global progress made in promoting women to positions is reflected in the fact that today women occupy almost 40% of management positions and hold almost a third of top management positions, including on company boards:

Top management positions: 27.0% (global companies: 23%),

Senior management positions: 29.5% (global companies: 29%),

Directors: 39.3% (global companies: 37%),

· CEOs: 31.6% (S&P 500 index: 26%).

The pandemic and racist protests have awakened the corporate world and prompted corporations to become more involved in breaking down systemic barriers based on racial and ethnic inequalities. Catalyst CEO Champions For Change was involved in campaigns in this area long before 2020 and today also paves the way for greater social inclusion in the work environment.

"We want to increase the representation and presence of women from all walks of life at all levels of the company, and our partnership with Catalyst CEO Champions For Change will help us achieve our goal faster," said Brian Moynihan, CEO of Bank of America. “We also build on our company's past experience in our efforts to ensure a diverse and inclusive work environment, and we already see greater diversity in the presence of women in almost all areas of our business.”

The report explores methods for assessing the representation of women from under-represented ethnic and racial groups and presents a three-step plan to help companies accelerate their quest for social equality:

Stage 1: education in intersectionality,

Step 2: Establish a system for collecting reliable data on racial and ethnic origin,

Stage 3: Launching the debate on racism.

"Women, and especially women of other races, continue to face barriers to promotion and this is happening all over the world, so it's good that Catalyst CEO Champions For Change companies are striving to change this," said the president and Catalyst CEO, Lorraine Hariton. "We still have a long way to go, but the data confirms the positive changes and we're proud that so many CEOs have joined us to pursue this goal."

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Catalyst is a non-profit organization that works with some of the world's most distinguished CEOs and leading companies to create a women-friendly work environment. Founded in 1962, Catalyst sets new directions in the field of pioneering research, practical tools and proven solutions to encourage faster and wider inclusion of women in leadership positions - because women's success is everyone's success.

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