Cyberpunk 2077 broke the record for the number of players on the Steam platform

Cyberpunk 2077 broke the record for the number of players on the Steam platform

A few hours after the premiere, Cyberpunk 2077, produced by the Polish studio CD Projekt on Steam, was played by over a million users at the same time, breaking the record for single-player games.

As reported by PC Gamer, 1,003,264 players were playing Cyberpunk 2077 simultaneously on the popular Steam platform. This is more than twice the result of the previous record for the single player game in 2015, when Fallout 4 was played by less than 473,000. people.


The product of the Warsaw company, so far known mainly from the series of games based on the series of novels about The Witcher, is considered by critics as the most anticipated game of the year. The game refers to the role-playing card game from 1988 of the same title and the genres of sci-fi novels by William Gibson, presenting a hypercapitalist and anarchic vision of the future. The production of the program involves actor Keanu Reeves, who plays the main character from the original game, rockman-terrorist Johnny Silverhand.

The CD Projekt product met with favorable reviews in the international press; Critics pay attention primarily to the gigantic size of the virtual city - called Night City - which can be freely explored.

"I would pay the full price just to stroll around the city and take pictures, my senses are in constant drunkenness," wrote a PC Gamer critic in the review. The Washington Post also appreciated Reeves' captivating plot and atmosphere, as well as acting. The review aggregator, Metacritic, gave the game a 91/100 rating based on 50 critics' reviews.

Even so, many reviews were influenced by technical flaws in the original game. The production also aroused controversy among some critics due to the need to binary selection of the main character's gender, despite the fact that, in line with the tradition of the cyberpunk genre, the game presents a world where body modifications are common.

However, as indicated by analysts from JP Morgan quoted by Reuters, even despite the great expectations related to the game being developed for 8 years, the first sales results exceed forecasts; Even before the premiere, the game was ordered by over 8 million people, and some experts predict that CD Projekt may reach 40 million copies sold next year, breaking the existing records. (PAP)

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