Cymbals known and unknown - Save Your Culture Heritage

Cymbals known and unknown - Save Your Culture Heritage

As part of the international ARTISTIC " project, Rzeszowska Agencja Rozwoju Regionalnego SA supports the publication of a double-instrumental album on Rzeszów cymbals by Michał Rydzik and his students. The project includes recording traditional melodies and contemporary songs while preserving the historical sound of Rzeszów cymbals.

At present, no such disc has been released, despite the fact that the collections in this area are huge, even recordings collected as part of the Cymbalist Meetings. The tradition of playing dulcimer is maintained by the Provincial House of Culture in Rzeszów, which since 1981 has been organizing meetings of Dymbalists of south-eastern Poland. The meetings are an extremely important event serving to protect the intangible cultural heritage - says soloist Michał Rydzik.

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"Known and unknown cymbals" is a unique edition of the instrumental album on Rzeszów cymbals, an instrument specific to individual regions. For Rzeszów, Warmia, and Mazury, such instruments are dulcimer. The recording of musical material took place in the Studio of Sounds of the Borderland in the building of the Polish Radio Rzeszów on 18-19 June 2020. Our publishing will remain a material trace of the history of folklore. Polish folk music is a priceless and lively national heritage that has had a significant, though underestimated, impact on European and world culture in Poland - says Katarzyna Mach-Wawrzaszek, director of the Grodzisko Dolne Culture Center.


Edward Markocki from Podlesie undoubtedly belonged to the masters of playing dulcimer from our region. His grandson and other soloists; Michał Rydzik with the sisters: Agnieszka, Aleksandra, Anna Rydzik from Grodzisk Dolny near Leżajsk will perform the songs contained in the album. They are connected not only by the place in which they live but also by their love of music. The album is characterized by a variety of styles, it will contain both folk songs and arrangements of light and classical music - adds Michał Rydzik.

On 19-06-2020, the collection of money began for a 2-part instrumental album "Dymbals known and unknown". Crowdfunding platform was created for all people who want to implement interesting projects and implement creative ideas. Crowdfunding is crowdfunding that will help you get the necessary funds for their implementation. So far registered on  422 265 users. They organized 505 207 screenshots, on which they collected over 253 933 593 PLN (source: ). Society co-creates and supports the realization of dreams that the creator finalizes with the help of his community. In return, the supporters pay a certain value for the project and choose prizes (reimbursement).

June 19 at the Ethnographic Museum F. Kotuli. Branch of the Regional Museum in Rzeszów, soloists met with Paint Films - Kacper Lesniewski to shoot a clip promoting the release of the album. The effect of the work will be posted on the soloists profile at www


Bearing in mind that the sound of folk music is gaining more and more popularity and a group of fans not only in the country but also abroad, the release of the album will contribute to the promotion of our region. We believe that crowdfunding will enable the implementation of the intended initiative and will be a contribution to the development and cultural education of subsequent generations. We prepare the campaign as part of the "ARTISTIC" project with the enormous support of many institutions from the region that support and promote intangible cultural heritage in their daily work, as well as individual artists who want to contribute their album to the album. We are now counting on community involvement and generosity. Every zloty matters - sums up Małgorzata Kilian, project coordinator, RARR SA 

Dulcimer were and still are made by folk artists. The great interest in playing cymbals is confirmed by the annual "Cymbalist Meetings" organized for 39 years at the Provincial Culture Center in Rzeszów. Apart from virtuosos playing cymbals, a large group of young people takes part in them, which is proof that the ability to play this instrument is still passed down from generation to generation and is becoming more and more popular. - Maria Kula, WDK Rzeszów. Cymbals (in their various varieties) are popular all over the world. Cymbals can be played both melodically and harmonically, which makes this instrument extremely versatile and at the same time quite difficult to master.