Facebook will pay you to let it track what you do on your Smartphone

Facebook will pay you to let it track what you do on your Smartphone

Facebook will now be paying people to monitor how they use their Smartphone through a new app called Study. The app will observe the activity of the user like which apps are installed on a person’s phone, the time spent using those apps, the country you’re in, and supplementary app data that could reveal specific features you’re using, among other things. Facebook won't be hampering the security details of any specific content, however, including messages, passwords, and websites you visit. The App has been launched after several months after the company’s last user-tracking research app.


Facebook Research, was shut down due to a pair of controversies: the app was trading to teens, and on the iPhone, it relied on a special certificate that allowed the app to the App Store and gain deeper access to the phone, in violation of Apple’s rules. It was shut down in January.

To Join You Have To Be Invited By Facebook


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The launching of Study app shows that Facebook clearly feels that it needs this data on how people are using their phones and due to that they can even keep an eye on their competitors. The study will only be available to those people who are above 18 years of age; it’ll only be available on Android, where deeper phone access can be granted by each user; and it’ll open with a series of screens describing what type of data the app collects and how it’ll be used.


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Users age will be validated through the age on their Facebook account; participants will also need to have a PayPal account to get paid, and PayPal also has an 18 and over the requirement. Facebook has ensured the users that their data would be confidential and would not be sold to third parties or advertising agencies.

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It’ll first be targeting the US and Indian users. The tracking of data would not be for everyone, rather they'll be targeting you through an ad, and if you see one, you can click to sign up.

It's not been revealed yet,  how much people will be paid and who will be targeted with invitations to use the Study app. They said that the list of information the app collects is embracing, and that other information is not collected.


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