False Social News may cause of Death

Hi guys today I am gonna tell you something important because nowadays guys are using Social media, I'm not saying it is bad thing but sometimes  guys are using this like newspaper and based on prank news can give birth to wrong decisions so if you are on Social media it's ok but don't believe everything because in past days some guys are killed based on Social Media fake news and this is so worst thing in the world. Why you should care about Social media, here is some points:

  1. There is no proof of social media news so don't believe on it because now guys are using Social media as a prank tool.
  2. Some cases people are ruining your prestige on the basis of social media so let them do block them

But today gaint Social Media platform founder Mr. Mark said that he will wipe out bad things from the platform and the credibilty back because now guys treating Social Media account like bank account.

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