First Paper Bottle By Coca-cola

First Paper Bottle By Coca-cola

Coca-Cola is a testing paper bottle prototype made by a Danish company to replace plastic bottles. The new paper bottle contains a thin layer of the plastic liner but the goal is to create 100% recyclable, plastic-free bottle. Coca-Cola is chasing the goal of producing zero waste by 2030 but there are hurdles in a path to make a bottle of paper which should not leak any gas from carbonated drinks and no fibre flakes should not mix with drink otherwise it can ruin the taste but a dedicated researchers team is working on it to achieve.

For the first trial, they have launched 2000 bottles in a pipeline through retail vendors and as per results, the further plan will be executed.

Researchers spent more than 7 years after that now the firm is now ready to do a trial in Hungary with 2000 bottles through Coca-Cola's fruit drink Adez.

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