Former head of the space program: aliens exist, but humanity is not ready for it

Former head of the space program: aliens exist, but humanity is not ready for it

Aliens exist, but they don't want us to know about them; if that happened, panic would break out, because humanity is not yet ready for it, says the former head of the Israeli space program, Prof. Chaim Eszed, in an interview for the daily "Jediot Achronot". As emphasized by the newspaper prof. Eszed is one of Israel's most respected space people.

"Americans, Russians, Japanese and Chinese cooperate with each other and agree that this cannot be made public, and those who demand not to disclose are: + Galactic Federation +" - says Professor Eszed and adds enigmatically that the president US Donald Trump "almost discovered it."


When asked why the aliens hesitate to reveal themselves to the Earthlings, he explains that "it will cause panic and humanity will fall." "Everyone will go crazy, markets will collapse, there will be nothing to eat, people will become cannibals, (...) all dark instincts will emerge" - warns prof. Eszed.

At the same time, the former head of the Israeli space program reassures that aliens "are not interested in this". "On the contrary, they are constantly observing - and there are many reports on this subject - events related to nuclear weapons in the world, they monitor all nuclear weapons bases" - he assures.

He mentions the Cuban crisis in 1962 as an example of positive foreign interference. "It is not only lucky that the Russians in the Bay of Pigs did not use nuclear weapons against the Americans. Someone prevented it. I have no doubts that without them humanity would already be destroyed. They want to say to humanity: children, calm down" - he points out.

"There is an agreement between the US government and aliens - I can't prove it, and I understand it sounds like a conspiracy theory - but the deal is that + Galactic Federation + has nine bodies of advanced aliens of various kinds who have signed a contract with us to conduct experiments here." - he quotes a former employee of the Israeli Ministry of Defense "Jediot Achronot".

The professor, when asked about what interests them on Earth, explains that there are earth resources: "water in amounts not found anywhere else, all kinds of plants, animals". "They also research and try to understand the entire fabric of the universe and they want us to help them" - says the professor.


Later in the interview, the Israeli provides information on the way aliens travel (similar to the time travel shown in the movie "Interstellar"), their appearance (they are to appear in many forms, and some may change shapes) and the nearest whereabouts (underground base on Mars ).

As for the alien vehicle, according to the former head of the Israeli space program, "the large spacecraft is almost the size of a small city". "Small ships come out of it - most of them are automated, staffed with intelligent robots. At first they will send such robots, primitive from their point of view, or a message that we will have to decode" - describes the professor.

When it comes to our meeting with aliens, "our knowledge will jump thousands of years, we will be able to anti-gravity, we will be able to move between planetary systems, and religion will lose the control it has today" - outlines Professor Eszed. "Aliens do not believe in religion, they believe in deciphering the fabric of the universe, which is not God, but is mathematics" - emphasizes the former head of the Israeli space program.

As emphasized by "Jediot Achronot" prof. Eszed is one of Israel's most respected space people. He headed the Israeli space program at the Ministry of Defense for 29 years and, as an aeronautical engineer, was directly responsible for the launch of Israel's first Ofek 1 intelligence satellite in 1988.


The conversation, published in the weekend edition of the daily, was part of the promotion of Eszed's latest book. "Universe beyond the horizon", published by "Jediot Achronot".

The Israeli daily The Jerusalem Post also wrote about the interview with Professor Eszed for the newspaper "Jediot Achronot".

Joanna Baczała (PAP)