Geological research related to the construction of a wind farm in the Baltic Sea has started

Geological research related to the construction of a wind farm in the Baltic Sea has started

PKN Orlen has started onshore geological research on the connection route of the wind farm, which is to be built in the Baltic Sea. Thanks to this, it will be possible to layout an underground cable route from the sea to a power station located on land, the company said.

As PKN Orlen explained in the information on the preparations for the construction of a wind farm in the Baltic Sea, the measurements will be made in the Choczewo commune, where the transmission infrastructure will be built.

"The concern has started onshore geological surveys on the connection route of the offshore wind farm. The works underway will allow for the designation of an underground cable route leading the power from the sea to the power station located on land" - PKN Orlen announced on Friday.

The president of PKN Orlen, Daniel Obajtek, emphasized that the construction of a wind farm in the Baltic Sea is one of the key investments bringing the company closer to the strategic goal of achieving climate neutrality. "Despite the difficult epidemic conditions, we are not slowing down and we are sticking to the established schedule" - said Obajtek, quoted in the company's announcement.

The head of the concern reminded that by 2030 PKN Orlen will invest over PLN 25 billion in projects that will enable the company and its capital group to "reduce the environmental impact and open up to new business models". "By investing in green energy, we are also building Orlen's position as a leader in energy transformation in Central Europe," he added.

PKN Orlen explained that the power from the wind farm in the Baltic Sea will be led entirely underground, both on the offshore and onshore section of the connection, and the geological surveys currently conducted onshore will allow to determine the optimal cable route for the connection. In the first stage, geophysical research in electrofusion tomography technology will be performed, and their results will allow for the preliminary identification of soil conditions.

"In the next phase, with the help of specialized equipment, boreholes up to several dozen meters will be made, from which samples for the analysis of geotechnical parameters will be taken. At the same time, geophysical research will also be carried out in shallow waters of the Baltic Sea" - announced PKN Orlen.

The company said that the work related to the preparation of the cable connection route is carried out on its behalf by the company ENPROM, which is responsible for the design part and obtaining a building permit for the necessary infrastructure. The contract, as stated in the announcement, covers the preparation of the connection both on the offshore - from the farm to the shore, and on the land - from the shore to the power station, from where "green energy" will go to the national power system.

PKN Orlen mentioned that as part of the preparatory work for the construction of a wind farm in the Baltic Sea, preliminary seabed measurements and environmental studies for the farm area. On their basis, the concern has already submitted an environmental report and is currently waiting for an environmental decision for the maritime investment area. "This is a document which is the basis for the commencement of the procedure for applying for a building permit," the concern noted.

At the same time, PKN Orlen emphasized that additional tests and necessary wind measurements are still being carried out in the Baltic Sea, which will be used by the farm designer; the documentation will include analyzes of the location of turbines at sea and assumptions about the expected productivity of the farm will also help to clarify the cost estimate and its schedule.

As PKN Orlen reminded, the concern carries out work on the development of offshore wind energy through the company Baltic Power, which holds a concession for the construction of wind farms with a maximum total capacity of 1.2 GW. The investment area, with a total area of ​​approx. 131 sq. Km, is located approx. 22 km north of the Baltic Sea shoreline, at the level of Łeba and Choczewo. (PAP)

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