Gmail will soon automatically correct your typos and grammar goof-ups

Gmail will soon automatically correct your typos and grammar goof-ups

Gmail is a great platform where professionals get in touch with each other. From Proposals, presentations, emails to colleagues—this all keeps work moving forward.

Ever made a mistake while sending an email and later you regret as you have sent it. We also don't have the option to delete the mail for everyone as we have on Whatsapp chat. Grammatical errors in the mail really put a bad impression on the receiver. If we send another mail by correcting those mistakes then it's another embarrassing moment.

But all worries are over now Google has come up with another update for Gmail that'll help you to correct your grammatical errors. Ahh! That's better now!!

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The update is present for G Suite users on the web, the AI feature is used to point out errors in your email. For grammatical errors, gmail will show a blue line under a particular word as it does in google docs. By the way, Gmail has really great AI features like Smart Reply, Autocomplete

Most of us will agree Smart Reply has really helped us achieve quick and fast reply to anyone.

Better grammar. No ifs, ands or buts.

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Most of the people are confused where to use a/an/the/their/there.Ever wondered how does it know which words to suggest when we write on Google Docs. The grammar suggestion models are the answer.In the background these models are working to analyze your sentence structure and semantics of the sentence.

Updations are part of growth.To grow your business or if you don't want to lose your customers then your technology ,app or product should be updated according to market requirement. Google knows this strategy very well...


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