Google has started Giving 100,000 Home Minis to People With Paralysis

Google has started Giving 100,000 Home Minis to People With Paralysis

Partnering with the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation Google's Nest Team is to give 100,000 Home Mini smart speakers to people with paralysis and their caregivers.

Ambassador Garrison Redd

Dana Reeve who has been living with paralysis for 20 years the news was announced by Google which was covered in a post. According to Redd, Home Mini is being used by him for several months, and it's helped him gain independence.

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" At the stage of paralysis, your home goes from being a place of comfort and security to a reminder of what you've lost," Redd wrote. Giving a glance to daily incidence he said, "For him, Light switches and thermostats are usually too high up on the wall and, if my phone falls on the floor, I may be unable to call a friend or family member if I need help. To the members of the paralysis community,

they reinforce the lack of control and limitations we often face and these may seem like simple annoyances but for us, it's a big issue."

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But due to  Home Mini and Google Assistant, Redd can use his voice to control his connected thermostat, lights, and TV. He feels relief as it offers him peace of mind, knowing he can use it to make calls with his voice if he needs help and can't reach his phone.

"I'm happy to look forward, that Google Nest can help more people make their homes that much easier to navigate, just as it has for me," he wrote.

Head here, to see if you're eligible for a free Home Mini. If you are confused whether eligible or not, then you must be living with a mobility challenge, or paralysis, physical disability,  or be a caregiver of someone who is.

A great initiative worth appreciating!!


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