Google is officially shutting down it’s Gmail Inbox app

From the past few months, Google was planning to shut down its Inbox by Gmail app due to security concerns. Now it seems that we’ve got a definite shutdown date. It’s been officially announced by Google that Inbox service will shutter on 2nd April 2019. The notification also prompts users to switch to the Gmail app, claiming that all your favorite Inbox features are in the main app.

Google Inbox was supposed to be the course of time of Gmail. It offered more advanced filtering including smart replies, snoozing of messages, nudges and more visuals to Gmail inbox.

People using the inbox app on Android device have already started receiving alert messages, along with link informing about the alteration of all email related task on the Gmail app.

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If you head to the Inbox landing page:,you’ll be greeted with the message that says

“ Inbox is signing off.You may find your favorite features in the new Gmail.”

With that they are announcing that

“We are saying goodbye to Inbox by end of March 2019. All favorite features are already waiting for you. See you there.”

Many of us have noticed this message when logging into Inbox on a desktop. The sudden message includes a link for the user to switch to the regular Gmail app.

Although Google didn’t implement some of the Inbox features into Gmail.

Many loyal inbox users will be upset to hear that some of the most specific features like the inline highlighting of actionable links, the options to save links within inbox or the ability to annal groups of emails aren’t in Gmail. While these AI -powered features are now a part of the regular experience of Gmail app, Google had begun experimenting with these first on it’s Inbox service.

Mr. Matthew Izzat, Product Manager of Gmail gave a hint in a blog post towards the transition before and talked about the latest additions to Gmail app-like Smart Compose to make drafting emails easier.

According to sources inbox is not the only Google service to face the final curtain, with that Google+ social network will also be closing. Currently Google+ has low engagement and usage.Almost 90% of Google+ user sessions lasts less than 5 seconds.Google is mainly focusing on “ secure corporate social network” and due to that transition is taking place.

Despite huge internal backing, Google+ will close after two major bugs were spotted in the service, with video call service Allo and URL shortener also set to close.

Though Change is never an easy phase but the secret behind CHANGE “Is to focus all of your energy, Not on fighting the OLD but on building the NEW.”

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