Google Launches Keen to recommend content to you

Google Launches Keen to recommend content to you

Google announced a content discovery platform service called Keen. It is being referred to as a Pinterest competitor but that's not entirely accurate. 

So let's understand What is Keen?

is a web and android app that is a part of Google's Area 120 projects. According to Google sources,

“It was powerful to tell each other what we wanted to spend more time on. And once we did, we found that collecting related ideas, links and resources together gave us a way to spend more time on our shared passions in real life.

To explore this idea further, four colleagues and I created a new experiment called Keen…”

Twice the fun. Half the price.

So you can save and add links, text, images, and web searches. Everything you add gets you more to explore.
The curated content you can share with public, private, or with specific people. Apart from this Keen is a new channel for Google to create traffic because Keen actively searches and suggests relevant content to users.

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