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YouTube Music

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We all know nowadays India became the world's largest consumer market, each brand in running to India for launch and making a profit. After Spotify, Youtube music launched its free version with ads in India and if you don't want to see ads you can take premium services at the minimal charges of Rs. 129/- per month. Now Indian market became the hottest war zone for business players because they know they can make a good amount of profit if they cover the indian market. Youtube on March 12, launched this music streaming service in India. As Youtube is making songs listening is really easy and free that's why they offered a feature of download songs also in the new release. 

According to Youtube Product Manager,

We have spent a lot of time looking at the YouTube users. We have also spoken to a lot of these users across the world. There are people who use YouTube to listen to music, to discover all that they like

he said.

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Youtube believe is right because according to current situation youtube has a large user base in India and many of the users will use this music streaming services. The price is fit into the budget that's why possibilities are more to make a profit in Youtube Premium by Youtube. This feature is really waiting by the users because when they are using Youtube application to listen to songs, they can't write text or do any other work but now it's time to enjoy life with Youtube Music streaming. It's really right after the launch of Youtube music streaming services, Spotify can have some splits in Indian user base and Indian players can suffer because of these two international giant players.

Let's see how to use Youtube Music Streaming Application:


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