Google Removed Mitron app from Play Store

Google Removed Mitron app from Play Store

The popular Indian alternative of TikTok, Mitron app removed from Google play store on Tuesday. There were 5 million downloads of app on play store. As of now both the parties including Google and Mitron has given their comment on why the app has been removed. 


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There are chances of security concerns because of that google play store removed the app from play store because many media houses reported this issue.

The app owner Shibank Agarwal, a student of IIT Roorkee, bought this application from Pakistani company Qboxus and rebranded this in India as the Mitron app. 

Irfan Sheikh from Qboxus confirmed that Shibank Agarwal did reach out to buy the source code of TicTic and launch as Mitron in India.  Irfan confirmed that the app has privacy issues because the developer had not uploaded any privacy policy but he added that no one should just buy and launch application they should review it first before launching for public use.


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