Here’s how:Google can help you find your lost phone

Here’s how:Google can help you find your lost phone

These days, our lives are dependant on our smartphones, and losing it can spell disaster. If by chance we just misplace our phone inside the house it actually leads to one missing a few heartbeats. This nightmare has been faced by everyone who owns a smartphone at least once in their lives.

Check out how you can find your lost phone using Google

Remember the most important thing you should have an active data connection with GPS turned on and are signed in to a  Google account on your phone. Regardless of the location, these settings will enable you to track your smartphone

 Recovery from mobile

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  • Click on the Gmail app

  • Click on Manage your Google Account.

  •  Go to the top and click Security

  • Click Your devices and select Find a lost or stolen phone

  • Choose your device

  • By entering your Gmail password verify that it is you.

Now, after verifying Google can help you with a few things. If the phone’s current location is on, then the icon will turn green and if not then the phone’s last location will be shown, it’ll turn grey. By selecting the green icon it will lead to Google Maps and will show you the coordinates to find the phone.

According to the location shown, if you are close to the mobile location, click Play Sound after which Google will ring your device for five minutes, even if it happens to be on silent.

Even these settings will enable you to track your smartphone regardless of the location.

Google Find My Device App

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The other way can be to download Google’s Find My Device app. The layout of the apps is quite similar to using the Gmail recovery process

Make sure to give the app access to your phone’s location when it asks in order to begin the process by signing in with your Gmail account or simply use the guest option. Another plus point is the app’s indoor maps feature, which can also be found on Google Maps. 

If you lose your phone in an airport or a mall this will be particularly helpful. A bit of relief to the ones who have the habit of leaving their smartphones….


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