How Apple News+ Hacked - All You Need to Know

Apple introduced Apple News + two days ago, the big addition to Apple News is access of 300 magazines and subscription newspaper like the wall street and many other cool things, Apple said it was worth of $8000 per year. 


It seems Apple didn't put so much effort to secure so much worthy access to magazines and newspaper. Known iPhone hacker Steve Troughton-Smith has already broken the flimsy security around the premium content of Apple. He found the service does not protect the content with DRM, and that the content is available for anyone to download as long as you know the right URL. In addition, the app also offers up all the URLs neatly to all Apple News users in the manifest of the app, allowing anyone to download a full magazine for free. A reason behind the flimsy security behind the valuable subscription package is can be the port of the iPhone app, where operating is expected to provide much of the security. But it's ok I think Apple will make it sure as soon as possible.

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