How blue street light decreasing crime in Japan

How blue street light decreasing crime in Japan

We all know crime is growing very fast in all parts of our world and we all are trying to get some solutions so that we can live in peace. Japan came up with a new strategy in which they have kept blue street lights on-road and studied data, the crime data on that road decreased.

I am sure you are thinking about how it is possible but it is because as per research blue colour gives positive feelings and attitude to a person. 

This is not only affecting crime, but it is also very effective suicidal cases as well because the Tokyo railway department installed blue lights on a station where people were committing suicide and as per data after blue light installation it has been decreased.

Blue light is working that is why you people can see many buses and trains has blue colour seat cover.

This is not a new concept because Glasgow, Scotland, introduced blue street lights to improve the city landscape and decrease the crime rate.

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