How India still fighting for thought process independence

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India is a very great country and Indians fought a very long war with bravery for independence, we really respect India as a nation but now also in India if we will see many people has the same thought process which was imposed on them before independence by Britishers. 

Young India is trying to improve things but India needs to make positive changes in the work process and rules created by Britishers to harras Indians.

Here we have few facts on the basis on that we can conclude the same:

1. In the defence sector of India if we will see there are few traces of the same culture they are following for officers and soldiers which was framed in the time of the British Indian Army. We have seen many incidences where soldiers are pressurized by officers to do something which is not in their job profile. According to different news, videos, and articles from India only, that rules were made by British officers to harras Indian soldiers and now India needs to rectify things as per today's era. But there are many improvements happening and people are working to improve things in a good way. 

We can see a glimpse in this movie produced by Indian cinema

2. India is following many rules made by the British railway system only instead of knowing the fact that they have flaws.

3. As per discussion with many people who are fighting for truth in Indian courts, the hearings are a very long process to follow, People having fewer resources sometimes cannot afford the whole process expenses even.

Respected politician Late. Ajeet Sarkar's son mentioned in an interview on the show titled "Satyamev Jayate" how he had fought for the truth in different Indian courts but In the end, his father murderer got clearance from the Indian court itself.

4.  In Indian Police Services also there are personnel who has the same problem of mistreatment from the superiors as above and this is not a problem of one govt. the sector, it's almost everywhere because of the thought process settled by Britishers in Indians.

There are many other areas where young India is fighting for independence from the old Britishers thought process. India is improving a lot in this but they have a lot of things on their plate to improve. India needs to review various rules made by Britishers and need to improve as per today's young India.

India needs to understand when Britishers made rules, they were only to downgrade India as a country and take advantage of Indians but now things have changed India got independence after very long sacrifices and revolution.

There is no doubt India is rising power and they will do best as a country again we respect India and Indians but this is every nation responsibility to improve things as per today's era.

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