How Twitter New Fact Check Feature Works For Everyone

How Twitter New Fact Check Feature Works For Everyone

What's Twitter Fact Check? Everyone is talking about it even Twitter flagged some of the big-name twits. Why? Is it wrong to flag twits, No.

To understand this thing in a better way we need to first understand how Twitter Fact Check Works?

So Twitter one of the big social media giants has recently added a "Fact-checking" label to tweets with potentially misleading or false claims. This new feature is rolled out in early May to combat false COVID-19 information but it gathered some storm when on the US President Donald Trump twits got "potentially misleading" tag.

Where is the Twitter Fact-Check label posted?

The labels appear below a tweet that seems to carry harmful misinformation or claim. It links to a page curated by the Twitter staff or "external trusted sources" with more information about the claims made in a tweet.

Initially, Twitter rolled out the feature with 3 categories of labels.

1. "Misleading information" (not yet confirmed to be false or misleading by experts)
2. "Disputed claims" (credibility of claims contested)
3. "Unverified claims" (information that is unconfirmed as yet)


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How Twitter decide if statement in the tweet is a false-claim or is

Twitter officials say they identify tweets using "internal systems" that aim to ensure the platform is not amplifying the tweets with these labels and detecting highly visible content quickly.

Twitter has roped in "trusted partners to identify content that is likely to result in offline harm". Twitter has not disclosed who these partners are or who is fact-checking tweets.

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