Image Of A Two-Faced Fish Has Taken The Internet By Storm

Image Of A Two-Faced Fish Has Taken The Internet By Storm

It shocking!! How can a Fish has two-faces. This Image is going viral over the Internet.According to sources Debbie Geddes,while fishing with her better half at Lake Champlain in North America, managed to caught a fish with two mouths and by looking at this picture people over the internet are going crazy!The couple let go the fish but they took a picture of it. The picture went viral as it was shared on Facebook.Number of comments sparked there. The views of people in comments were,the second mouth of the fish is not actually mouth but may be a hole created that is a result of injury caused by fish of a rod may be in the past by other fisherman trying to catch the fish.While others blamed dumping garbage and harmful pollutants are the cause.


 Well it's not the first time that someone has captured a mutated fish.Back in 2015 a man in Australia also caught fish with two mouth. Then in 2011, someone caught a three-eyed wolf fish in a lake near a nuclear reactor

Whether the fish was a freak of nature due to genetic mutation or injured it's our responsibility to care for these aquatic animals and while fishing don't just harshly pull the fishing rod. Well this picture left many questions to be answered….


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