Is India going to witness second COVID wave?

Is India going to witness second COVID wave?

COVID is again surging in some of the Indian states. Govt. is taking measures and started looking into the matter actively.
In Mumbai govt. has restricted mass gathering and kept lockdown for some of the areas where large surge found in a number of COVID cases. 

Instead of all these vaccination processes is going on at a full pace.

Surge found in the following states and cities:

1. Mumbai
2. Pune
3. Lucknow
4. Bengaluru
5. Punjab
6. Madhya Pradesh

State govt. is working actively to take precautionary measures but now people are thinking is its the second wave of COVID in India. Many businesses are already in loss and trying to come on the path again with the help of govt. support but if this is the second wave then all businesses need to be prepared by taking measures as well.

We can see the vaccine as a positive hope and hope for the best!

Stay tuned with us for more updates on this.

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