North Korea: Kim announces an "80-day campaign" for economic development

North Korea: Kim announces an "80-day campaign" for economic development

North Korea's leader Kim Jong Un announced the launch of an "80-day campaign" for economic development, which is set to be the final effort to meet the goals of the five-year plan, which is now ending this year, DPRK state media reported on Tuesday.

The decision was announced after a meeting of the political bureau of the ruling Korean Labor Party. A "dynamic 80-day campaign by the whole party, country and people" was announced to "proudly end this year's struggle in a sublime spirit" and "make the 75th anniversary of the party's founding famous" coming Saturday, the North Korean KCNA agency reported.


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The AFP agency points out that the North Korean authorities often launch massive mobilization campaigns ahead of major events or anniversaries, during which citizens are told to work overtime and perform additional tasks.

Kim admitted in August that his country was failing to meet the goals of the current five-year plan due to unforeseen internal and external difficulties. He announced the announcement of the new plan at the January party congress.

The current five-year plan was adopted at the previous convention in 2016. It contains ambitious goals that were to be achieved before Saturday's anniversary, but it seems impossible to achieve due to international economic sanctions, the coronavirus pandemic and other difficulties, assesses the South Korean news agency Yonhap.

During the political bureau meeting, the rank of North Korean Army Marshal was awarded to deputy chairman of the Central Committee of Ri Piong Czolowi party. Yonhap points out that Ri is known for his involvement in North Korea's nuclear and missile defense program.

North Korea's ambassador to the United Nations, Kim Song, recently stated that Pyongyang's all efforts are now focused on economic development, as the country has already achieved a "solid guarantee" of security in the form of the "absolute strength" it has created. He also noted that North Korea "will not sell its dignity" for economic development.

Andrzej Borowiak (PAP)