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On Wednesday, the website was launched, i.e. a portal modelled on, which is to standardize the way of contacting local governments with residents, and at the same time meet, inter alia, security standards - informed the Minister of Digitization, Marek Zagórski.

As Zagórski said during the presentation for journalists, the website "is a proposal for local governments to enable them to use our experiences and solutions developed on the occasion of the portal". The point is - he explained - that the portal should become a place where "the vast majority of local governments will contact their residents".

"We want local services for local government units to be available on the basis of this portal," said the head of MC. As he added, a new version of the Public Information Bulletin for local government units will also be launched from October.


Zagórski pointed out that local government websites - including BIP - must meet a number of requirements, including ensuring digital accessibility for people with various limitations, and the portal is adapted to modern standards, e.g. it works on mobile devices.

"On the portal - just like on the portal - individual units are responsible for the entered content. We only provide a platform, a standardized, safe tool, compliant with the requirements and regulations" - emphasized Marek Zagórski.

He pointed out that local governments will not incur any costs related to the use of the website.

Zagórski also announced support for local governments when it comes to cybersecurity: as part of it, online training for officials is to start on October 2. He also talked about the project of a common IT infrastructure of the state, thanks to which local governments can use cloud services. He also reminded that until the end of September, applications are being submitted for the Remote School Plus program, which supports the purchase of equipment for students. (PAP)


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