Media of the Future: it will be a fight against fake news

Media of the Future: it will be a fight against fake news

Fake news and unreliable information that wreak havoc is a common trend and we, as a civilization, must face it. If this is not sorted out in some way, we are in danger of a complete information paralysis, "said Dariusz Mioduski, president of the management board of Legia Warszawa, in an interview with Wojciech Surmacz, president of PAP.

Dariusz Mioduski was a special guest of the 3rd edition of the Media of the Future conference organized by the Polish Press Agency on December 9 in the online formula. According to him, in a crisis situation, the key issue for the football club was to develop effective communication on many levels: with fans, business partners, sponsors, advisers or the media, including broadcasters, for whom there was no product in the form of TV broadcasts of matches overnight.

“We are used to the fact that Legia is always in the center of media attention. Sports and non-sporting issues evoke much greater emotions than in any other sports club or institution in Poland. We perceive it as the strength of Legia and the strength of this brand, ”emphasized Mioduski.

According to the president of Legia Warszawa, the most difficult thing was communication within the football community itself, between clubs. “This is not a cooperative environment. We also pay a sports price for it - said Mioduski. - The pandemic meant that we had to concentrate to activate such communication. It was possible to do it on such a level that the community started to cooperate with each other for the first time in many years and I hope that the elements of this cooperation will remain somewhere for the benefit of Polish football, ”he emphasized.

In the opinion of Mioduski, the way to deal with the problem of infodemia (a flood of fake news during a pandemic) is to professionalize activities on several levels: knowledge about the pandemic itself, speaking in a reliable manner, adopting protocols for communication with various institutions, and developing medical procedures and rules proceedings.

Koronakryzys hit the sports, entertainment and event industry hard. FIFA data shows that in the 2020 season, European football clubs incurred financial losses of EUR 8 billion. Also Legia Warszawa, a club employing over 500 people, found itself on the brink of a precipice.


“For football clubs, revenues tend to cover costs, few clubs generate profits and can save those profits for the future. For us, the match day and the related income is a very important part of the entire budget, ”explained the president of Legia.

The stadium on Łazienkowska Street, with a capacity of over 30,000 people in 2020 stood empty. Football games were held without the participation of the audience - or with a very limited participation of fans. For comparison, during 23 matches played in the 2019 season, the average attendance at the stadium was approx. 20 thousand. people.

According to the president of Legia Warsaw, the 2021 season will be a process of reaching "new normality". “Nothing will ever be the same again. The pandemic gave birth to a different awareness, a sense of danger, it is accompanied by negative emotions and some people will still be afraid to stay in larger groups, ”said Dariusz Mioduski.

Source of information: PAP MediaRoom

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