L.Jain a 22 old which develops EI platform check fake news


Logically is a UK based startup which uses a machine learning algorithm and natural language processing to combat fake news around the world. Its algorithms can examine fact from fiction. Lyric Jain, originally from Mysore, is only 22 years old and recently graduated from Cambridge University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

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The tech association Logically has a platform which consists of Extended Intelligence (EI) machine learning, Natural Language Processing (NLP) and human oversight to empower citizens to tackle against fake news and misinformation on any topic.
The platform offers an in-depth analysis along with fair, authentic, credible and trusted (FACT) information.

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Led by a young entrepreneur, Cambridge and MIT graduate Logically has been developed by an assorted team of data scientists, coders, designers and journalists.

“We are delighted to launch the Logically platform that will democratize Artificial intelligence, and guide people away from echo chambers and filter bubbles – empowering everyone to access authenticated news with balanced perspectives, nurturing news-literacy, stimulating civil discourse, critical thinking and a harmonious community atmosphere to improve lives,” Lyric Jain, the founder and CEO of Logically said in a press statement.

How does it work?


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Logically uses text analytical, metadata and editorial insights to determine the quality and authority of the source while monitoring network behavior to discover dubious patterns. The app is available on Android and web.

Logically app algorithm rule scrutinizes through the most important news stories and highlights the options which will build it pretend like features that may make it fake like headline-article, logical misconception, political bias, and inaccurate statistics. The metadata – quality of the source, the accuracy of content, and social network behavior – how the story proliferates and spreads, are all determined to tell fact from fiction.

This allows Logically to provide its users with a transparent and insightful view to determine how trustworthy the news they read really is.


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The consequences of fake news in India have been alarming, and particularly due to the way the stories spread on WhatsApp. Its end-to-end encryption makes it extremely difficult for law enforcement to intervene. The time is taken to disprove fake news is often too long for preventive action. That’s where Logically comes in. Its use of artificial intelligence (AI) will let users gauge the veracity of the news in real time, preventing knee-jerk reactions. They are hoping to launch in India by October.

Their Fundings?

They received grants from organizations, including MIT and are open to further investment partnerships with organizations that align with their mission and values in the future. In India, Logically will be ad-led because of the urgent need for a solution. For now, they are planning to make it accessible for free.

We live in a time of fake news where things are made up and manufactured.

Beware of false news it is more dangerous than ignorance!!!

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