New travel quarantine rules

New travel quarantine rules

A new travel quarantine policy is in place due to an outbreak. For people from the Schengen area, quarantine is mandatory, only a negative PCR or antigen test for the presence of coronavirus not older than 48 hours exempts from it.

On Monday evening, in the Journal of Laws, the regulation of the Council of Ministers on the establishment of certain restrictions, orders and bans in connection with the epidemic was published. The new quarantine regulations entered into force on the night of Monday to Tuesday (March 29-30).

According to them, quarantine is obligatory for people coming from the Schengen area, but a negative test (PCR or antigen) for the presence of coronavirus no longer than 48 hours exempts from it. Quarantine without exception applies to persons coming to Poland from outside the Schengen area.

It was noted that these provisions also apply to a person crossing the maritime section of the Polish border by a regular ferry connection as well as the land section of the border of the Republic of Poland with the Czech Republic, the Republic of Lithuania, the Federal Republic of Germany or the Slovak Republic, regardless of the means of transport by which he or she moves or on foot in order to go to your place of residence or stay in the territory of the Republic of Poland.

It was written that the traveler is obliged to submit the test result in Polish or English at the request of a Border Guard or Police officer.

It was indicated that the quarantine rules apply to those traveling with all types of transport, and those traveling outside the Schengen area are not exempted from the test performed in the country of origin. "Each of the visitors, both from the Schengen zone and outside it, will have the opportunity to take the test in Poland and if the result is negative, the traveler will be released from quarantine" - we read.

It was reported that in the case of people crossing the state border by aircraft, it is possible to perform the COVID-19 test before the Border Guard inspection. It was noted that if the traveler does not have a negative test result before going to the public area, he is obliged to provide the officer with all the data necessary to impose the obligation to undergo quarantine. These are the address of residence or place of stay where the visitor will be quarantined and a contact telephone number.

A negative test result performed after crossing the border within 48 hours also exempts from quarantine, and the laboratory performing the test will enter this result into the IT system of the state sanitary inspection.

The regulation indicates the cases of people released from quarantine. After entering Poland, convalescents who completed isolation no later than 6 months before crossing the border, and people vaccinated against COVID-19, will also be exempted from the obligation to isolate.

author: Ewa Wesołowska

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