Polish Ambassador: the Chapter sessions have been completed Meet the nominees

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Scientists, sportsmen, artists ... Outstanding Poles who conquer the world also won the hearts of the jury members of the "Polish Ambassador 2020" competition. On Monday, September 21, at the Royal Castle in Warsaw, deliberations were held to select the winners of the plebiscite.

“After the success of the first edition, I had no doubts that the plebiscite + Polish Ambassador + is an invaluable tool for promoting the talents and diligence that distinguish our compatriots. I am convinced that the plebiscite will become a permanent part of our company's DNA, ”said Marcin Chludziński, President of the Management Board of KGHM Polska Miedź SA, at the inauguration of the session.


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They chose new Ambassadors

Votes for their favorites were cast by: the president of the Management Board of KGHM Polska Miedź SA Marcin Chludziński - chairman of the Chapter, Adam Kwiatkowski - secretary of state in the Chancellery of the President of the Republic of Poland, Paweł Lewandowski - undersecretary of state in the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, Ryszard Madziar - head of the Political Cabinet in the Ministry of State Assets , Grażyna Ciurzyńska - president of the Polish Investment and Trade Agency, Wojciech Surmacz - president of the Polish Press Agency, Michał Janasik - vice-president of the Łukasiewicz Research Network Center, Ireneusz Eric Lubaczewski - executive director of the Polish Chamber of Commerce in the USA, Tomasz Majewski - vice-president of the Polish Athletics Association, two-time Olympic champion in shot put, Andrzej Bargiel - Polish alpine skier, mountain runner and climber, TOPR rescuer, winner of the 2020 Audience Award,Artur Chmielewski - Polish scientist, employee of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

The participants of the meeting chose Ambassadors of Polish culture, science and sport. The members of the Chapter had a really hard nut to crack, as evidenced by the names on the list of nominees below.

Nominated in the culture category:

1. Aleksandra Kurzak - singer and soloist,

2. Włodzimierz Pawlik - jazz composer and pianist,

3. Izabela Kobus-Salkin - conductor of the choir "Morning Star",

4. Sławomir Dobrzański - pianist,

5. Urszula Dudziak - jazz singer,

6. Sławomir Idziak - cinematographer and film director,

7. Zenon Martyniuk - disco polo musician,

8. Andrzej Sapkowski - fantasy writer,

9. Aleksander Dębicz - pianist and composer,

10. Jakub Różalski - graphic artist, painter, illustrator and concept artist.

Nominated in the science category:

1. James Pawelczyk - neurofizjolog i astronauta,

2. prof. Maria Siemionow - surgeon and transplantologist,

3. prof. Marek Samoć - chemist, constructor of optical measurement devices,

4. dr n.med. Mateusz Hołda - doctor, scientist, anatomist and cardiomorphologist,

5. dr got. Ewelina Król - wirusolog,

6. prof. Adam Jacek Maciejewski - a doctor who performed the world's first complex cervical organ transplant in a child,

7. Olga Malinkiewicz - physicist,

8. dr hab. med. Michał Wszoła - a doctor, originator of the bionic pancreas,

9. prof. Dorota Grejner-Brzezińska - scientist specializing in geomatic engineering, lecturer at Ohio State University,

10. Prof. Grzegorz Mazur - a scientist studying the effectiveness of plasma in the treatment of COVID-19 patients in the European population.

Nominated in the sport category:

1. Robert Lewandowski - Bayern Munich footballer and captain of the Polish national team,

2. Bartosz Łastowski - one of the best players in the history of the Polish national team in AMP Futbol,

3. Bartosz Zmarzlik - individual world champion in speedway,

4. Kamil Stoch - ski jumper, Olympic champion,

5. Piotr Małachowski - athlete specializing in discus throw, World Champion and two-time European Champion,

6. Lucyna Kornobys - athlete, medalist of the Paralympic Games, World and European Championships,

7. Karolina Kucharczyk - athlete, Paralympic long jump champion,

8. Marcin Lewandowski - athlete, bronze medalist of the World Championships in Doha,

9. Justyna Święty-Ersetic - athlete, European Champion, silver and bronze medalist of the World Relay Championship,

10. Dawid Kubacki - ski jumper, two-time Olympian.

The grand finale is already in October

The thrilling deliberations of the Chapter resulted not only in broadening the knowledge about phenomenal Poles and their contribution to building a positive image of Poland, but above all - in selecting the best of the best! The winners of the "Polish Ambassador 2020" plebiscite will be announced during the grand finale at the end of October.

Choose your favorite

The final of the "Polish Ambassador 2020" is fast approaching, but this is not the end of the impressions. You can still become part of the KGHM project by voting for the Audience Award winner. Today visit  ambasadorpolski.se.pl  and choose their favorite. Voting will last until 04/10/2020.

Source of information: KGHM


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