Prince Charles at the G7: we must start fighting climate change

Prince Charles at the G7: we must start fighting climate change

The global mobilization seen during the coronavirus pandemic must be used to combat climate change, British heir to the throne Prince Charles said Friday in a speech to G7 leaders.

"Fighting this terrible pandemic offers (...) a crystal clear example of the scale and speed with which the global community is able to tackle crises when we combine political will with business ingenuity and mobilizing society. And we do so in the event of a pandemic. So ( ...) we must do it for the planet as well, "said Prince Charles during the party for the G7 leaders.

"The global health catastrophe has shown us what a true borderless crisis looks like. Of course, we didn't quite see Covid coming. But climate change and biodiversity loss are a crisis with no borders, solutions of which have been argued and postponed for far too long." added the British heir to the throne.

The party was held at the Eden Project in Cornwall, where 18,000 people were gathered. plants from several climatic zones. It houses, among others the world's largest indoor tropical forest. The choice of the Eden Project as a meeting place for leaders was to emphasize that preventing climate change and protecting the environment are to be one of the leading topics during the leaders' meeting and are a priority for the British government.

The Eden Project, which is one of Cornwall's top tourist attractions, is approximately 60 km from Carbis Bay, where this year's G7 summit takes place.

The British Queen Elizabeth II, wife of Prince Charles - Duchess Camilla and his son, Prince William, along with Princess Kate also came to the Eden Project.

From London Bartłomiej Niedziński (PAP)

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