Prince Philip's funeral on Saturday, April 17

Prince Philip's funeral on Saturday, April 17

Prince Philip's funeral will take place next Saturday, April 17 at 15.00 in Windsor and will not have a state character, which largely reflects his wish - Buckingham Palace announced on Saturday.

The ceremony will be held in accordance with the requirements of epidemic restrictions, which means that it will be able to take up to 30 people. The list of participants will be announced on Thursday, but as expected it will include all the prince's children and grandchildren, including Prince Harry, although his pregnant wife, Princess Meghan, will not fly from the US on the advice of doctors.

As stated, members of the royal family will follow the coffin, with the exception of the queen who will go to the chapel of St. George at Windsor Castle separately. The procession will last eight minutes, and the coffin will be decorated with a princely banner, with a wreath, sailor's cap and sword on top. At the chapel, funeral attendees will be greeted by the Dean of Windsor and the Archbishop of Canterbury. Neither they nor the eight people carrying the coffin are included in the 30 funeral attendees.

The ceremony will be preceded by a minute's silence across the country and will be broadcast on television. It is intended to celebrate the Prince's "immense contribution and enduring legacy".

There would be no public processions, and calls were made for outsiders not to visit the royal residences. While the royals expressed their sadness at the funeral being restricted to a wider audience, it was stressed that it was better for people to watch the broadcast on television than travel to Windsor.

According to sources at Buckingham Palace, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has approved the introduction of national mourning up to and including the day of the funeral, and the royal family will observe the two-week royal mourning until April 22; during this time, members will continue meetings as deemed appropriate and wear signs of mourning.

Prince Philip was the consort of Queen Elizabeth II for over 73 years. He died on Friday morning two months before his hundredth birthday.

From London Bartłomiej Niedziński (PAP)


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