Save on purchases anytime, anywhere with the Cashback App

Save on purchases anytime, anywhere with the Cashback App

With the Cashback App, the international Shopping Community Cashback World offers you the opportunity to save money when shopping anywhere, anytime.

With over 150,000 partners from all industries in 51 countries around the world, Cashback World offers its buyers numerous opportunities to obtain benefits when shopping in the form of Cashback and Shopping Points. Cashback World offers the Cashback App, a free app for Apple and Android smartphones, so shoppers always have an overview of nearby partners, online stores and currently available offers and promotions.

All shopping worlds in one app

“Cashback World enables buyers to collect shopping benefits from a wide variety of companies, both local and online. Thanks to the Cashback App, we have connected these shopping worlds so that our customers can collect Cashback and Shopping Points when shopping anywhere, anytime, ”explains Rafał Pięta, CEO of myWorld Poland, operator of Cashback World in Poland.

The fastest way to a partner

With the help of location services, the Cashback App helps you find local partners quickly from the area map and plan a route to them. Shoppers have a digital version of their Cashback Card in the app that can be scanned at the checkout, so they can easily register their shopping benefits with local partners. If scanning is not possible, a four-digit Quick Code is available that allows you to quickly assign the purchase - and therefore the benefits - to the buyer.

Immediate use of offers

Another advantage of the Cashback App when shopping offline is the possibility of spontaneous use of offers and special discount actions, the so-called Shopping Point Deals. “We all have a great offer from time to time, but we left the voucher at home. Thanks to the Cashback App, our clients always have all the offers in their pockets, ”says Rafał Pięta.

Collecting benefits when shopping online

Online shopping is also an integral part of the Cashback App. Spontaneous online purchases with your smartphone are always within reach. "The greatest advantage of the Cashback App is, of course, local purchases in nearby stores, but we wanted to offer our buyers all the shopping options available at Cashback World through the Cashback App," emphasizes Rafał Pięta. - We made it. More information at .

O Cashback World

Cashback World - the international Shopping Community offers attractive shopping benefits (Cashback and Shopping Points) to consumers who want to save when shopping in brick-and-mortar stores and online. Additionally, Cashback World provides effective and innovative loyalty programs that enable them to become part of the purchasing world. Cashback World is currently represented in 51 markets. 15 million customers enjoy the shopping advantages of nearly 150,000 partners worldwide. More at  and

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