The best designed newspapers in the world

The best designed newspapers in the world

The Dutch daily "De Volkskrant" together with the Danish weekly "Weekendadvisen" were recognized as the best-designed newspapers in the world.

Five titles were qualified for the finals of the competition organized by the Society for News Design (SND) for the best-designed newspaper: the Dutch "De Volkskrant", the Danish "Weekendadvisen", the German weekly "Die Zeit", the American daily "The Washington Post" and the Sunday edition of the American daily The New York Times.

A five-person jury decided on the victory of "De Volkskrant" and "Weekendadvisen", which the organization announced on Friday on Twitter and on its website.

"The Dutch newspaper surprises at almost every step," we read on the SND website. "Its bold title pages and section covers are inventive and invite readers to a great visual chronicle of reportage with a highly creative use of illustrations, photographs, and graphic details," emphasizes the jury of the competition.

Weekendadvisen, on the other hand, is "thoughtful, sophisticated and full of a subtle sense of humor in its visual details," which complements the Danish weekly SND.

The winner of last year's edition of the competition was the American newspaper "The New York Times".

From Amsterdam, Andrzej Pawluszek (PAP)