The dog called for help to a master with Covid-19

The dog called for help to a master with Covid-19

Often a screaming dog alerted residents of one of the blocks of flats in Madrid that his master fell ill with Covid-19. The fire brigade who came to help found a very weakened and unable to move the owner of the dog.

The daily "El Mundo", citing the report of the ambulance staff, reported that the noise of the dog in the closed apartment attracted the attention of the neighbours, who realized that the man had been absent for a long time.

During an investigation launched by the police, it was established that the mysterious disappearance of the man was due to his hospital stay due to coronavirus infection.

Although the owner of the dog, unnoticed by the residents of the block, returned to the apartment, he was very weakened. The man lying in bed could not even reach his cell phone to notify an ambulance about his deterioration.

“He was only half-aware,” one rescue team member confessed after finding the patient they were looking for.

Members of the rescue team admitted that the closed door and the lack of signals from the owner of the howling dog suggested that the man was dead.

“The dog has a very good character. When he saw us coming through the window of the room where his fainted master was lying on the bed, he was very happy, ”said a member of the rescue team, adding that the quadruped was taken in by one of the neighbours while the owner was being treated.

Marcin Zatyka (PAP)