The International Association of Construction Lawyers will be established, bringing together lawyers specializing in construction law

The International Association of Construction Lawyers will be established, bringing together lawyers specializing in construction law

NEW YORK, PARIS, and STUTTGART, Germany, January 14, 2021 / PRNewswire / - An international association dealing with construction law was established under the name Leading Construction Lawyers (LCL). It was founded by the renowned American law firm Peckar & Abramson, PC, the French law firm Altana, the German law firm Breyer Rechtsanwälte and a law firm specializing in consulting and conciliation services - PS Consulting, based in Paris.

The newly formed LCL Alliance will serve the construction and infrastructure industry as an international center for the highest quality construction legal services and a global forum for industry-related issues.


LCL Alliance members are characterized by a customer-centric approach and industry commitment. The overriding goal of the organization is mutual support in achieving the best results and implementation of practical solutions and strategies as well as providing advice; all this in the interest of serving the clients of member law firms in connection with a wide range of investments around the world, from infrastructure, transport, energy, oil and gas projects, to industrial and construction projects.

The mission of LCL Alliance is to support member organizations in offering the highest level of legal services related to construction to interested entities at all stages of investment implementation throughout Europe, the Americas, Asia and the Persian Gulf.

The essence of the LCL Alliance mission is cooperation with the most important law firms and specialists in the field of construction law around the world.

The law firms associated within the LCL Alliance and their lawyers specialize in the construction and infrastructure sectors and have the most extensive knowledge and experience in the field of such law.

LCL Alliance is based on a foundation of shared values ​​and the approach adopted by its founders: a pragmatic combination of exceptional experience and capabilities with academic commitment and industry service. The association will support member law firms in their pursuit of achieving the best possible results and offering the most practical and innovative solutions to the challenges faced by clients and the international infrastructure environment.


When starting their collaboration, the founding members of LCL Alliance noticed that they follow complementary work cultures, customs and legal practices, as well as a similar approach to business, legal and collaboration. These rare similarities between member actors extend beyond national boundaries and within both common law and civil law jurisdictions. A more formal alliance was therefore a natural consequence.

LCL Alliance has a total of over 130 specialists and technical consultants operating in various jurisdictions in Europe and the United States, many of which are highly valued in the field of construction and infrastructure law. Despite the international nature and unique format of the agreement and the principles of cooperation between the member offices, individual entities and their lawyers remain independent.

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