The military authorities in Burma blocked Twitter

The military authorities in Burma blocked Twitter

The Burmese junta blocked access to Twitter on Friday. Earlier this week, access to Facebook was cut off. Military authorities interfere in the operation of social media because it is through them that the opposition is convened.

Information about blocking access to Twitter was provided by Agence France-Presse. After the Burmese military authorities ordered all mobile operators and internet providers in the country to close access to the website on Wednesday evening in the name of "stabilizing" the country, the opposition used Twitter as a medium.

Thousands of Burmese have downloaded the Twitter app on Thursday, Reuters reported. The hashtags #RespectOurVotes (Respect Our Voice - PAP), #HearTheVoiceofMyanmar (Hear the Voice of Myanmar - PAP) and #SaveMyanmar (Save Majnma - PAP) were popular.

The military seized power in Burma on Monday, claiming fraud was taking place in November's parliamentary elections, in which the NLD achieved a high victory. However, the state electoral commission did not detect any irregularities. After the coup d'état, the military created the State Management Council and announced new elections next year.

Democratically elected country leader Aung San Suu Kyi and President U Win Myint are likely to remain in custody despite numerous international calls for their immediate release.

Since then, protests against the coup have continued in the country. The junta detained at least 147 people. (PAP)