Over 8 billion IoT connected devices were active in 2017 which is actually higher than 7 billion non-IoT devices including laptops, smartphones, tablets, computer. IoT is highly rocking in business and Technical field. In future, there will be over 50 billion to 70 billion IoT devices in action by the end of 2020. Thus having a very fascinating networking. IoT also provides Edge Computing and also has security legislation.
IoT consists of sensors/devices which talk to the cloud through some kind of connectivity. Software processes it and then decide to perform an action such as sending alert or notification automatically. The User can also do the change or make adjustments according to his/her needs.
IoT is becoming increasingly famous. It is like the new era of networking has begun. Due to which globally available data is growing at breakneck speed. The new leading-edge innovation IOT CLOUD was made. There is a structured repository of over 1600  real projects based on IoT which a quite high number and will increase by the end of 2020 to a very good number of projects.
The list of projects includes 45% projects in the Americas, 23% in Smart City environments and 17% in Connected Industry. All of the database entries are linked to an official source more than 670 IoT Hardware, Software and Connectivity vendors identified as part of these projects. IoT simply integrates sensors/devices, connectivity, data processing and user interface.

All IoT devices are not secure. Due to which in future, it would become easier to hack devices. And security issues would increase. It would become easy to steal someones important information. Security will be one of the issues due to IoT. IoT will be the future of many to interact with the physical world. Also, it provides the very good scope for programmers and developers for their business.
Thus IoT is the key to success because it will provide a good platform.