The rich in India pay thousands of dollars to leave the country

The rich in India pay thousands of dollars to leave the country

Wealthy Indians charter private jets and massively book the last flights to leave the country, while more countries close borders to Indian travelers, media reports.

"They're not just the ultra-rich. Whoever can afford to rent a private jet takes a private jet," Rajan Mehra, head of the aircraft rental company Club One Air told Bloomberg. Meanwhile, a spokesman for the charter company Air Charter Service India told AFP that the interest in flights was "absolutely crazy", while the crisis triggered by the new wave of Covid-19 was getting more and more dramatic.

The media has been reporting on the exodus of India's wealthier people for several days, but the options available to them are rapidly diminishing. On Sunday, flights from India were stopped by the United Arab Emirates, the most popular destination, where in some emirates, newcomers from India make up a third of the population.

Just before the restrictions entered into force, the prices of passenger flights on routes from Delhi and Mumbai to Dubai increased up to tenfold, while richer Indians rushed to rent private planes for over PLN 20,000. dollars for a one-way course.

According to London's The Times, a similar situation existed before the closing of British borders. Since then, the decision to suspend flights was also made by, among others Kuwait, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Canada, Hong Kong and Australia. From Tuesday, flights to the Maldives, where several prominent Bollywood stars have left in recent days, will also be limited.

According to Bloomberg, the Maldives' decision triggered another wave of "last minute" flights. As the agency notes, the situation is similar to that of last year, when Indian authorities finally banned flights as part of medical evacuation due to closing borders, fearing the massive use of this option by wealthy Indians.

Meanwhile, the epidemic in India remains dramatic. On Tuesday, for the sixth time in a row, over 300,000 people were detected there. new cases of Covid-19 and although there were almost 30,000 of them less than the day before, experts indicate that this is probably the result of fewer tests. There have also been 2,771 deaths of Covid-19 patients nationwide, but these figures are also understated. Hospitals in many places in India are overcrowded and forced to send patients due to lack of oxygen. (PAP)

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