This bot smushes emoji together to create messed-up hybrids (that we love)

This bot smushes emoji together to create messed-up hybrids (that we love)

An organization named Unicode Consortium

which is an oversees emoji develoLouanpment, adds new emoji ranging from hand gestures to objects every year. The twist is now a bot on Twitter has started trying to create fresh emoji by mashing them up.

Emoji Mashup Bot, built by student and developer Logan Bengmah, takes two random emoji from Twitter and mixes up their elements. Here are some fun ones to look at.

Bengmah uses a simple method to create these mashups. The approach to creating new emojis is the bot separates different elements of emoji-like base, eyes, mouth, and detail.

Then it takes a few elements of both emoji based on conditions specified by Bengmah – which you can see in the tweet above – and makes the final mashed up emoji.

According to the tweets, a thread explained how the process for creating the mashup work. 

They wrote, 

  • First, the bot selects two different emojis from a list.
  • The Emojis of that list has been divided into four pieces.
  • The all the pieces which are selected are combined using process, which will generate a brand new emoji.

The tweets have gained recognition from more than 1,400 likes and 150 retweets in less than one month. On interviewing the creator of the bot, Logan Bengmah, an 18-year-old, Bengmah said, "I wanted to discover new ways of coding and programming and I thought making a small Twitter bot would be a great project to work on. There are plenty of memes and jokes on the internet use them sometimes. I thought that, on Twitter, people would like them and would make funny jokes about them, especially my friends. I never imagined getting the audience it got in less than a week!"

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Now every hour their is a new emoji tweeted by the bot...