This Is How Mosquitoes Find You And Decide To Bite You!

This Is How Mosquitoes Find You And Decide To Bite You!

Hey!! I have got a very interesting fact today!! Like every other day such as Friendships day, Mothers day, Valentine's Day, Yoga Day and the list never end. We also have Mosquitoes Day. Isn't it Crazy!! But, Yes mosquitoes have their day too! 20th August is celebrated as World Mosquito Day. On this day British doctor Sir Ronald Ross found out that female mosquitoes are responsible to spread malaria between humans. There's no doubt that every year many humans suffer from Malaria and passes away. But you know what mosquitoes are an incredibly smart and sensory intelligent creature.

Here we've got some interesting facts about Mosquitoes:

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1. Mosquitoes Can Smell You

Yes , you read it right. Mosquitoes can smell us. The carbon dioxide we breathe out attracts them towards us. Now I get the point why mosquitoes manage to find humans even in outlandish places. According to the study, they smell CO2 from 100 metres away and following that smell they reach till the human body.

2. Mosquitoes are more attracted if you're Drunk

As discussed they are attracted by smelling CO2 and on top of that if a person has consumed alcohol, then its more easy for them to find through smell. Generally, people with high metabolic rate such as pregnant women and obese individual are their targets.

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3.O- Blood Group is their favourite

Type O-blood is mosquitoes, favorite blood group. So if you have your O blood group be aware of them as you are mosquitoes favourite food. As they bite us to grab proteins and Type O blood is the one which they prefer over everything else.

4. Mosquitoes are attracted through Visual Cues

Mosquitoes follow visual actions. They are attracted towards repeated body movement like tapping your foot can attract them. At the same time, they don't like the wind. So before that nasty mosquito bites you next time be aware of them and always be in an area where there is the access of wind.


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