Titan- hardware security key announced by Google

Google has announced a new physical device- the Titan key to secure your online accounts. At the Next conference, Google executives have made assurances of better online security by using a hardware key with two-factor authentication.  Physical security keys are generally more secure than phone-based two-factor authentication as intercepting a physical device is not easy for fraudsters.

The key is available for both smartphones and computers, with Bluetooth support for smartphone connectivity and as a USB dongle that can be plugged into computers. Along with Google services like Gmail and Chrome, Titan can also be used with other devices not affiliated with Google. The Titan key is available only to the cloud users at present and speculated to be in the price range of 20 USD to 25 USD each., though any confirmation about the pricing and release date is yet to be made.

After a year of internal testing of the security key since early 2017, 85,000 Google employees have had no phishing incidents while using the key for enhanced protection. However, such a device can be a hassle for the general population to carry and use on a routine basis. With the exponential increase in cyber-attacks and the sophistication with which hackers can lure the people into giving up confidential and private information, people may weigh safety over inconvenience.

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