Twitter blocked an account of the Chinese Embassy in the US

 Twitter blocked an account of the Chinese Embassy in the US

Twitter blocked an account of the Chinese embassy in the US for a post in which the post defended Beijing's policy towards women from the Muslim Uighur ethnic group. The tweet was inconsistent with the "anti-dehumanization policy," the US platform reported on Thursday.

In a post published in January, the embassy argued that thanks to the campaign to combat Islamic extremism conducted by the PRC, Uyghurkas in the Xinjiang region had been emancipated and ceased to be "child-making machines".

"We took action against this tweet (...) for breaking our anti-dehumanizing principles, which are: We prohibit dehumanizing a group of people because of their religion, caste, age, disability, serious illness, national origin, race or ethnic group," said the Twitter spokesman.

According to Twitter's policy, posts that violate the rules are hidden and account administrators are required to manually delete them. The Chinese embassy hasn't posted any new tweets since January 9. A Twitter spokesman confirmed on Thursday that the account was still locked.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying expressed concern over the suspension of the embassy's account.

Mainland Chinese authorities have been preventing citizens from accessing Twitter and many other foreign services for years by using an internet blockade known as the Great Firewall of China. Nevertheless, Chinese diplomats and state media increasingly use Western platforms to promote Beijing's position in the world.

Embassy account ban is another in a series of Twitter actions against users who break its rules. Earlier, Twitter and other social networks suspended the accounts of former US President Donald Trump, who was accused of inciting violence in the attack on the Washington Capitol.

Shortly before Trump left office, his administration officially recognized the actions of the PRC authorities in Xinjiang as genocide and crimes against humanity. During the election campaign in the USA, the staff of the new president, Joe Biden, also proclaimed that the Chinese authorities were committing genocide in Xinjiang.

Last year, the German ethnologist Adrian Zenz published a report accusing the PRC authorities of forced sterilization, forced abortions and other methods of limiting the number of children born in Muslim communities. The Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs has denied these allegations.

Chinese authorities reject accusations of the oppression of the Uighurs and other Muslim ethnic minorities in the Xinjiang region in the west of China. UN experts drew attention to credible reports of over a million Uighurs and other Muslims being held in a network of extralegal internment camps in Xinjiang.

There were also accusations of the use of Uighur forced labour in cotton factories and fields. Beijing vehemently denies these allegations and says the campaign in Xinjiang is having positive results in combating terrorism, separatism and Islamic radicalism.

From Canton Andrzej Borowiak (PAP)

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