Twitter Buys Quote Sharing Application Highly

What's the Big Deal

We have acqui-hired quote sharing app Highly for an undisclosed sum. Highly is the fantastic app which allows users to highlight content and share that with friends and family over social media and email also. Nowadays it's used by users because of its cool functionality,
April- HI- 15 Issues offer
we always want to share specific things from news and articles in older days we used scissors to cut specific part from newspaper and share with family and friends but now Highly provide us a solution to share it in a better way.
Highly would shut down its IOS and Slack apps on April 26.

According to HIghly CEO Andrew Courter

"Social highlights can make sharing stories online feel personal, efficient and alive, like retelling a story to a friend over coffee. They give people shared context and spark meaningful conversations".
He posted on Medium,
"HIghly exists to enable awesome convos, and we're looking forward to bringing our Highly-informed perspective to Twitter's work serving the public conversation".

Twitter is planning to enhance the user experience of users through this tool and check the fake news because now the big problem of social media is fake news. Everybody is trying to solve this issue by using technology because technology is the only option by which you can control this kind of things for sure.

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Final Words

Let's wait for the next update from Twitter and Highly Team. We hope they will launch something cool to increase user experience and functionality. Twitter is always doing good things and all other social media platforms also try to increase easiness in our lives, they are the real guys who are trying to solve the big issues of our society with the help of technology.

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